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The Next Generation of Urgent Care
June 12, 2013

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Urgent Care Operators Can't Have It Both Ways
August 23, 2011

When patients go to the urgent care center rather than the hospital emergency department, patients a... Read More

Changing the Face of Urgent Care in America

Urgent Care America (UCA) provides the most comprehensive collection of solutions aimed at increasing the operating efficiencies of its affilated urgent care centers and to faciliate the delivery of the highest quality care and service to patients seeking care there. UCA Affiliates enjoy the autonomy of owning and operating their own center(s) while gaining the benefit of a network of solutions that, when applied, enhance the value of the center to the patient and drive improved operating efficiencies.

National Medical Report Video

UCA President and CEO Tony Barber was recently featured on National Medical Report discussing the future of urgent care medicine.